Sun Power Solar & Electric provides a comprehensive approach to true energy efficiency through cutting edge technologies, advanced design, and engineering.

Why Solar Power?


Thinking about solar energy? There are many reasons why solar power is a great choice, including:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Saving money on your power bill
  • Preventing power interruptions, e.g., when the power grid goes out during a storm
  • It’s cost-effective, especially when receiving federal and state tax incentives
  • Solar energy is a abundant and a reliable source of energy

Each of our systems designed are by licensed electrical contractors and installed by experienced electricians, visit our About page to meet our team.


State & Federal

Tax Breaks & Incentives


Taking full advantage of State and Federal tax breaks and incentives is the best way to mitigate the initial costs of having a solar system installed at your residence or commercial location. Some of the tax incentives available include: 30% Federal Tax Credit, Idaho State Tax Incentive, and Business Depreciation Tax Benefit.

Idaho Industrial Solar Panel Tax Breaks


Solar power is the cheapest power source in the world, is extremely reliable, and is a natural fit for industrial locations like manufacturing facilities. In fact, Tesla's Gigafactory is solar powered and this helps decrease operating costs.

Idaho Commercial Business Solar Panel Tax Breaks


Businesses of all sizes can benefit from solar power - not only to reduce operations costs, but as part of green energy initiatives. Many large businesses already have the space and sun exposure neccesary to install a solar system.

Idaho Residential Solar Panel Tax Breaks


Homeowners who choose solar power enjoy independence from the power grid, more control over their energy consumption, and the satisfaction at knowing they've chosen an abundant and clean energy source.


The Solar Process


Step One: Free Consultation

We begin the process of going solar through onsite consulation. Our consultations consist of walking your property, climbing on your roof and calculating how much solar energy your solar system would produce.

Step Two: System Design

Once you've made the decision to move forward, we work with our solar engineers to design the solar panel layout for your system.

Step Three: Installation

Installation schedule begins, permitting and inspections are coordinated. Depending on the size of your solar system, time of completion may vary. A realistic time frame is 2-3 weeks once design is finalized.

Step Four: Connect

Once installation is complete, connection is coordinated with the utility company to connect to the grid.

Step Five: Enjoy your Savings and New Solar System!

Tell everyone you know how you are benefitting from solar energy. Sun Power Solar & Electric will provide a login so we can both monitor your energy production. You will see how much power your solar panels are producing every day!

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How Solar Power Works


Sun Power Solar & Electric will work with you every step of the way to design and engineer a system that will meet your energy needs while still delivering the aesthetics of your home. 

How does solar energy work? It all starts with the sun. Learn more about the steps below:

  1. Sunlight falls on high capacity solar panels during daylight hours. The solar panels convert the sun's energy into direct current (DC) electricity which is then sent to an inverter.
  2. The inverter converts the DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity.
  3. When the solar panels produce more energy than is needed during those peak sun hours of the day, the excess energy is automatically sent to your local utility company.
  4. Solar energy systems produce high quality electricity, and this reduces the chances of power fluctuations that could damage electronic equipment.
  5. Utility power is continuously provided at night and during the day when energy demand exceeds solar production.

Get Started


If you're ready to go green and lower your power bill, all it takes to get started is a click or call. Providing full solar and electrical services to businesses and homes alike, we will help you achieve true energy efficiency. Contact Sun Power Solar and Electric today to schedule your consultation today!

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Digital Rendering of a Solar Panel